You white bitch!!!!

Black Coffee
5 min readMar 23, 2022

This article is a reply to a medium writer called Tara who was called a white bitch by a black woman over twitter. I started writing the reply and thought to myself I would like more people to hear what I had to say. You can read the article here underneath. It’s worth checking out and supporting


You sound like a nice enough woman. So, I want to break some things down to you so you understand in a way that maybe your man should’ve.

I've commented the most because this is something that I'm passionate about.

Interracial dating is a minefield because many people do it for the wrong reasons.

Black people and white people are not the same and even though they may live in a different country have an entirely different history as you may know.

A history which is of white people abusing and using black people for their means. This narrative still goes on until now.

Which means how black people may react to you, may be different from how a white person will react to you.

Part of this abuse and living in a white system means there are black people who date the white race because they think the white race is better and that it will help them advance in the white system.

What this means is there are successful black men and women who opt for white partners as a way of showing the world that they've made it or because they seek acceptance and access to the white world.

Black men and women do this and sometimes to justify doing this, they may use excuses. For example. An excuse of a black man is. The reason I date white women is that all black women are difficult and have an attitude problem, which isn't true and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This helps ease his conscience and exempt him from the fact that he is, in fact, discriminating against his own race something he claims he hates white people doing and the fact that a black woman reminds him of his blackness which he hopes a white woman will erase.

This last point is why so many people who seek interracial relationships are hit the hardest when it comes to racism because…