Why men shouldn't be afraid to kick women to the curb

Black coffee explains why men should always have standards when dealing with women.

Black Coffee
4 min readNov 9, 2023
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Too many men have been convinced through the modern media that dealing with difficult women is the norm, whilst women can have lists and lists of what they want from a man, men aren't even allowed to have any type of standard and apparently should just put up with whatever comes their way.

I call BS.

I'm not having it.

It's up to men to know their value.

Know your worth.

It’s a blessing for a woman to be in your presence, and if she doesn’t see being with you like that?

Leave her alone and keep it moving.

Men should be looking for a woman who is smiling, eager, curious, and almost can’t control her giddiness when she’s around them

Not angry, entitled, rude and obnoxious women.

But I need a woman. I hear some men say.

Firstly, you don't need a woman you want a woman and secondly, the reason why you want a woman is because you want her to fill a void that needs to be filled with passions, goals and taking time for yourself.