Why men shouldn't be afraid to kick women to the curb

Black coffee explains why men should always have standards when dealing with women.

Black Coffee


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Too many men have been convinced through the modern media that dealing with difficult women is the norm, whilst women can have lists and lists of what they want from a man, men aren't even allowed to have any type of standard and apparently should just put up with whatever comes their way.

I call BS.

I'm not having it.

It's up to men to know their value.

Know your worth.

It’s a blessing for a woman to be in your presence, and if she doesn’t see being with you like that?

Leave her alone and keep it moving.

Men should be looking for a woman who is smiling, eager, curious, and almost can’t control her giddiness when she’s around them

Not angry, entitled, rude and obnoxious women.

But I need a woman. I hear some men say.

Firstly, you don't need a woman you want a woman and secondly, the reason why you want a woman is because you want her to fill a void that needs to be filled with passions, goals and taking time for yourself.

When was the last time you showed yourself that you're worth something? If you don't know you're a man of value, don't expect a woman to.

When was the last time, you got a massage? Took the time off work to do something that you truly loved?

When you start taking care of yourself and putting yourself first, the less you feel that you require women and the moment a woman becomes difficult or demanding, you're not afraid to walk away.

Women are allowed to have all types of standards they want a man to be tall, muscular, rich and have a big D, but if a man asks for a woman to be young, fit, and friendly, he's ridiculed.

That's cool. Let them ridicule you.

But don't drop your standards. Keep them high of course many women don't like this and many are going to laugh and try to convince you not to have standards, guys having standards means women have to work harder and many don't…