Why men should stop being white knights

A White knight is probably one of the worst types of men. Black Coffee explains why.

Black Coffee
4 min readSep 14, 2021


White knight syndrome characterizes many people who grew up neglected. Their need to save others is almost compulsive, although they don't always do it in the most efficient way.

A "white knight" is a man you find all over the Internet on forums, groups, YouTube videos and blogs.
A white knight’s sole purpose in life is to prove he’s different from other man preferably so called "toxic" men.

A "white knight" is that guy waiting for a man to say something or do something deemed "toxic" by women so he can jump in, and save the day.

It's in this way he can show he's that man who is different from the rest. The "white knight" is the soft, sensitive, emphatic, and caring man
who sits and listens to women complain for hours about their man in the hopes that they will see how different he is from them and date him.

Many "white knights" were raised by single mothers who had bad experiences with men and grew up listening to their mother or aunts complaining about how bad men were, by showing he was different he gained validation from the women in his life.

The "white knight" replays this same scenario with women when he grows up with the hopes that this validation will turn into a relationship.

They do this by focusing on being more like the women they've been around and feel that if they do the opposite of the so called "toxic" male women will be attracted.

What they fail to understand is that opposites attract, and most women don't want to marry sensitive, emotional, soft men.

Women like "white knights" though what woman wouldn't like a white knight? On the surface, they're nice, and friendly, do anything for them, listen to their problems for hours and help out in any way they can but women are rarely turned on by them because many are needy, validation seeking, manipulative men.

This is why "white knights" don't get alot of women which in most cases can…



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