Why a woman shit testing a man is a good thing

Black Coffee explains why a woman shit testing you may not be as bad as it sounds.

Black Coffee


A shit test
A usually unconscious effort by a woman to test a man's worthiness and social status.

If I like someone, I have always bantered with them as I've found it a good way to connect with them.

The banter is always a light-hearted back and forth exchange with friends about things like sport or embarrassing incidents that have happened to us in the past.

We never take it personally and to us, it's a bit of fun.

I recently read an article stating that men have done this for 100 years, and it's a way of bonding whilst also qualifying men in the circle to see if they're strong enough for hard times.

Women also do the same in relationships or upon meeting a man, and this is something that has been termed shit testing.

There are different forms of shit testing, but it's basically when a woman pushes a man's buttons to see how much he will tolerate and how he handles himself.

The majority of women do this subconsciously and the reason they are said to do this is that they seek security and a man who is secure within himself makes them feel safe.

Unbeknownst to a lot of men the ultimate aphrodisiac for women isn't money, cars or clothes it's confidence and the reason for this is that so many women are insecure and people are drawn to other people who have the qualities they would like to have.

Also, when a man sets boundaries, the woman knows she's with a man who will stand up for her in tough situations.

I prefer to call shit tests a test of strength because a woman is basically seeing how strong and secure a man is.

Many men complain about shit tests, but honestly moaning about shit tests is like someone moaning about why water is wet

Shit test really isn't a bad thing and are a sign you're doing something right.

The reason is that women only shit test men they're attracted to, just like…