The six types of toxic women men should avoid on dating apps

It’s not only men who can be toxic on dating apps

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It's 2023 and guys, are you still on dating apps?

For real? I know it's hard out there but dating apps? Seriously?

I feel sorry for you, but if you want to put yourself at a disadvantage, fine by me.

There are dating apps success stories though, but nowadays, this has got to be about the same odds as hitting the lottery jackpot.

The majority of women don't use dating apps to get dates any more they use them because they're bored and want attention.

It seems to me that women have a lot of time to waste, but then so men if they're rely solely on dating apps.

Here are the five types of women to avoid on dating apps at all cost.

1. The "get to know you more" girl

You've matched with her, you've messaged her, and she's messaged back, she seems interested, so after a few more back and forths, you present the offer of meeting up for a drink.

And then you hear that fatal line….

Can I get to know you more on here?

Your reply..... Should always be no!

Here's why
If she really liked you, she'd want to meet up with you in person once the pleasantries were out the way.

By her saying she wants to get to know you more on a dating apps, what she is really saying is....

I'm not that interested in you, but I'll use you to chat to when I'm a little bored.

She'll happily stay chatting on the app with you for weeks or months and then when she's fed up, she'll just ghost you.

What you’re thinking-That sounds legit, meeting someone you don’t know on a dating app can be scary.

She's thinking-Yes I've got someone I can talk to when I'm bored and tell all my problems to.

2. The "free tour" girl
You’ll normally find these types of women on bumble. They’re the ones with all the flags of the countries they’ve visited and pictures of the “exotic” places they’ve visited, like London, Paris…