The one thing most men don’t understand about women

Black Coffee breaks down the one thing women wished men would instinctively know.

Black Coffee
4 min readJul 31, 2023
Photo by Timur Weber

There appears to be a huge divide among men and women these days, with many men complaining about modern women and passport bros flexing their little muscles and a lot of these issues could be solved if men know one thing and that is…..

Women want to feel safe and above all else and seek security, and this can only be achieved by a man being a leader and taking charge.

Hey macho man.. This isn’t the 70s. I hear you say.

I know you've heard women don't want to be led. Don't believe none of it. Women would like to be led, even if they don't know they do.

Numerous men have been conditioned not to lead women as it’s seen as being controlling or because they never saw it in the household.

Ask these men how things are in the household, or better yet how their sex life is. Their answer will tell you everything. Most will tell you they haven’t had sex in months.

A man being a leader in a relationship isn’t the same as being macho, manipulative, selfish, or abusive.

It's not about making every decision or having everything go your way. Rather, it is about…