Promiscuous women are never going to find true love

Black Coffee
5 min readJul 19, 2023

Is this true? Black Coffee finds out

Photo by Liza Summer

Take note ladies, if you’ve been through a hoe phase and slept around with a lot of men you’re done for, tell your parents and grandparents if they’re still alive that you’re never getting married or even gonna be in a committed relationship because you’re damaged goods.

Well that’s according to men in the manosphere.

Men will tell you until they’re blue in the face that they’re more rational than women, yet bring up pair bonding, and all rationality goes out of the window.

The myth that is being presented as fact by certain men’s circles is that.

“A woman who has had multiple sexual partners has an inability to pair bond”

Even though there is nowhere, where it has been proven men are presenting this as facts.

It’s not facts, it’s, in fact, a myth.

It isn’t women who’ve had multiple partners who can’t pair bond, it’s the men who get with these women who can’t pair bond and this is because of their insecurities.

This happens when a man finds out a woman has a high body count, (slept with a lot of men) it may not be even higher than his but suddenly he starts to worry about things like his dick size, the sexual things she did with the men or if he’ll be able to please her sexually.

This insecurity birthed the myth.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The majority of men who are sexual with numerous different women aren’t concerned about a woman’s body count and don’t even bring up pair bonding or relationships, they leave the bringing up of a relationship to the woman, that’s if she wants to have a relationship.

The man who is unsuccessful with women brings up pair bonding and relationships because he lacks sexual options and wants to latch on to the one option he has, which leads him to resent women for having more sexual options than him, missing the fact that men and men and women are different and that women are about quality over quantity.