Modern media is killing masculinity

Black Coffee explains how movies and series are becoming more and more sexist

Black Coffee
3 min readFeb 25, 2024
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I have a confession to make. I don’t hate Andrew Tate and I don’t hate all Red Pill material.

Everyday I see articles on Medium of women trying to redefine masculinity, yet if men did the same they’d be called sexist.

Unpopular opinion

The reason why women hate Red pill material is the simple fact that it exposes how they really are and not how they would like to be seen.

It exposes above all else their sexual strategies one of which is to have fun with the bad boys whilst stringing along the nice guys so they will provide security in the future.

This agenda is pushed in countless movies, to convince guys that if they keep on being nice they will eventually get the girl even if she's not as desirable as she once was.

These movies and TV series also promote a persistant theme which consistently shows men in general are clumsy, weak, selfish, cowardly, or filled with self-doubt, whilst women are in general seen as capable, strong, selfless, courageous, and independent, there is rarely a balance between the two with it being either one or the other.

Modern media…