Is it all Western women’s fault?

Black Coffee asks the question if Western women are to blame for all of men’s problems.

Black Coffee


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Women in the West get a bad rep and the men are close to breaking point.

Enough is enough!!!

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Modern women are all ran through!!!

I’m gonna get my passport!!!

Signed Modern men

These are the screams I’ve been hearing all over social media and in person with many men giving up on Western woman and instead opting for more viable options like porn, video games or women in third world countries, but is it all Western women’s fault?

My answer is a resounding no! And here’s why.

If you’re a man in a toxic relationship it’s your fault.

Dating a difficult, hard to get along with spoilt entitled woman is not the way it supposed to be and if you put up with this type of behaviour you only have yourself to blame.

Men are being programmed by the media or by their fathers that dealing with spoilt and entitled women are the way relationships work. They're not.

If you're in a relationship where everything is a uphill struggle and you constantly finding yourself caving in to your partners demands. It's about time that you re-evaluated your relationship because the more you give the more she'll want.

Ideally, you want to be in an relationship with a woman who is attractive, sexual, interesting co-operative and is easy to get along with.

If you’re not. It’s your fault. Not the woman’s and it’s not because all women are bad it’s because you haven’t been being a masculine man by setting boundaries leading and being consistent in what you do and say.

At some point you let her cross your boundaries and now she has lost respect for you. This is when women become bitchy and start making unreasonable demands and ultimatums.

For example. No sex if you don't wash the dishes. If she had respect for you she would never make these types of ultimatums.