How to text women like a BOSS

Never worry about texting women again

Black Coffee
3 min readFeb 24, 2022

So, you've done the hard work and got her number. Now what do you do? Do you wait three days until you text her? Do you text her everyday? These tips will get your text game on point.

Always be direct and straightforward
When you are direct and straightforward you find out fast whether she wants you or not, and if she isn't, you can move on to the next if need be. This also stops you getting friend zoned.

Message her straight away
Don't wait three or four days to message her. This might have worked back in the day, but times have changed and with the choices women now have, she'll end up picking another option.

Take your time
If she answers you're first text don't text back straight away, take your time, or you'll appear overeager and desperate. If it takes her a day to get back to you, then chill and take a day to reply to her. Remember to stay cool, calm and collected. .

Add emoticons but don't overdo it
Adding well-placed emoticons to your text adds personality and is a good way to flirt with women but be careful not to overdo it. Avoid excessive emoticons at all costs.