How to meet the woman of your dreams without a dating app

Tired of dating apps? I know I am. Black Coffee breaks down four places where men can meet the woman of the their dreams without using a dating app

Black Coffee


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As you know I deleted all dating apps a year ago whilst still single, which left me with a dilemma where could I meet women offline.

This would have been a stupid question twenty years ago, but it seems to be a viable question for Millennials, who are fed up with dating apps.

Online dating, in my opinion is the lazy man’s way of dating. Many have justified them by saying they don’t have time to go out and find a date, yet many still have time to swipe for hours on apps.

Dating apps are safe and insulate people from the fear of rejection, but they can also ruin confidence, make people drop their standards, and keep them isolated when what they really need to do is get out there and meet people, which might be a big reason even if they get a woman they struggle to keep her.

Most women are attracted to sociable men. The best way to meet women for me was to be more sociable.

If you’re an introvert who is used to always being in your room or apartment, just the thought might make you a little nervous, but the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Just keep in mind to take things to step by step.

Here are the four best ways I found to meet women offline.

1. Find a hobby
The first way I found to meet women offline was to find a hobby, I then looked for groups in my neighborhood, where I could practice my hobby.

If, for example, your hobby is watching a certain sports team then look to see if there are any groups that meet up to watch the games or matches in your neighborhood.

If there is then get in contact with them and sign up and then when you’re there you’ll not only meet people who also have the same passion as you, therefore, making friends you might well possibly end up meeting a woman you’re attracted to, and it will be easier than cold approaching because you’ll be familiar with each other in the group and also have something to…