How to get her to chase you

Black Coffee explains how men can get women to chase them

Black Coffee


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If you want a woman to chase you. You have to pursue her.

But what's the difference, I hear you say. They're both the same.

That's where you're wrong!!

When a man pursues a woman, he puts it all on the line.

He makes things happen.

He sees her, he approaches her, he asks for her number, if she gets it, he calls or texts her, and sets up the date. That's the pursuit.

On the date, the man creates an unforgettable experience and creates emotional tension, this hooks the woman, she's intrigued and wants more.

This is when the woman starts to chase the man.

If the man also enjoyed the date, he may have in his mind, a time to call her again and set up the next date, this is him continuing to pursue.

But what happens if the woman calls or texts before that.


If a woman texts or calls before, she's in chase mode.

What’s Chase Mode?

Chase Mode is when a woman texts or calls in the hope of a man setting up a next date.

When woman call or text like this, they will rarely if ever ask for another date. They're waiting for you to do that.

What is she chasing?

The woman is chasing the experience of being with the man.

She's chasing the experience you created if she wants to feel it again.

All the man has to do is set up dates every time she calls or messages.

Use the phone for setting up dates

When the woman calls or texts in the hope of you setting up a date, don't, and I repeat don't chit-chat on the phone, or you'll end up chasing her, which is a turn off.

How does a man chase women?

If a woman isn't showing signs of interest, yet a man continues to message and call her, this is chasing.

For example, double texting. A woman flaking on dates with no explanation and the guy still trying to set up dates. This isn't pursuing, this is chasing, and it turns women off.

You're chasing something that is trying to get away from you.

Pursuing is about making things happen.

Chasing is running after something that is trying to get away.

Once you create an amazing experience with a woman, she is chasing that experience again and calling quickly because she is afraid it might get away from her and go to another woman.

She has experienced you and liked it, and now wants you all to herself before other women can get you. That's why she's calling and messaging all the time.

So, as a man. Pursue go on the hunt for what you want, create an experience and then let the women chase.