How can men deal with women who try to shame them?

Black Coffee explains the six ways women try and shame men and how men can react.

Black Coffee


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There are lot of insecure women in this world and when they come across a man who is not afraid to set boundaries, calls women out on their double standards and is confident and comfortable in his own skin, many will shame him to make him feel the same way they do.

Understand that if you meet a woman who consistently shames you, the shaming says more about her than it does about you, and take it as a compliment whilst removing yourself from her presence.

The reason women can have preferences whilst men aren't allowed is because women are still women and men are still men.

Read into that how you will

Here are some of the likes you're bound to hear

1.You’re a short ass!!!!

Napoléon one of the greatest generals ever to have lived, was small, this is why you have the saying Napoléon complex for men who only date tall women.

Before dating apps, I rarely heard of men seeing their height as an obstacle when it came to dating, but instead saw it as an obstacle for women, numerous men would rather not date women taller than them and it's for this reason why dating apps are flooded with tall women because tall women are the least likely to get approached by men, but because many men who rely on dating apps are settling many will date a taller woman whilst the taller woman on a dating app will refuse to date a smaller man.

Women are very insecure about their looks and because they've seen recently that men are becoming insecure about height because of dating apps, they use this to see how it affects you. Show her that you're not that bothered and own it your height, knowing that it's confidence that really matters. Say to her, “just call me Napoléon"

2. You must have a small dick!!!!

Insecurities again. The majority of women don't want a man with a 12-inch dick and the majority will run as far as possible from it, that'd also prefer a man with a little dick who knows how to use it and knows the right things to say at the appropriate time than a man with a 9-inch…