Gentleman prefer black women (Of all shades)

Black Coffee
5 min readSep 20, 2022
Photo by Jhoon at Pexels

Triggered? I hope you're just as triggered when you see the term gentleman prefer blondes. Or you hear the terms I only date brunets or red heads.

My most read article to date has been my article about why I don't date white women anymore. I was called every word under the sun by both white and black people, and told that I was basically a racist. Apparently, everyone is human, and we have to move with the times. I even read an article from my favorite writer saying black people shouldn't do that anymore.

John Boyega has recently come out basically saying a lot of what I said in the article on why he only dates black women, and he has got plenty of backlash from you guessed. White women and black white knights, with the latter hoping to get browny points.

John Boyega

My question to these white women and black white knights is where are you when black men say they don't date black women, or when black men say they only date light skin black women.

Or..... Where are you, when white people both men and women say they only date blondes brunettes or redheads.

Oh damn!!!! I think I just exposed a white code.

Yeap I done did it. I just exposed a white code.

You see when a person says they only date blondes they're not only discriminating within their race, but they're also discriminating against other races because the white race are the only race that has blonde hair, barring the people from the Solomon Islands.

Yet no one calls this racist. Why is that? It's the same when white people say they love brunettes or red heads.

It's OK for white people to show love to their race, but as soon as a black person does it's racist.

There is nothing racist about loving your race. I’m not mad at white people for doing it. What I am mad at is white people turning a blind eye to this huge double standard.

The truth is, white people are so used to black people running after to them begging for validation that as soon as they're not…