Does money make it easier for men to get women??

It’s not just women who are being pandered to by dating coaches Black Coffee explains how men are also falling into the trap.

Black Coffee


Photo by Mikhail Nilov

There are many delusional women out there, and it's not all their fault. The reason for so much delusion in women is because of the pandering they receive from the mainstream media and social media dating coaches who remove any type of accountability from the women. (You already know who I'm talking about)

The reason why is because women have a high level of disposable income, and are willing to pay to be told what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

Much to the delight of males this delusion is gradually being exposed by various talk show hosts but the question is. Are men also being pandered to in the same way as women?

The answer is yes they are. The whole red pill movement has been a real eye-opener for men by exposing the cruel realities of female nature, but what it has also done is opened the door for people with a platform and an agenda to take advantage of young men, by lying to them in the same way that men with a platform and an agenda lie to women.

There are many men who have a fear of women and these platforms give men the excuses they need to not risk the fear of rejection keeping them safe and comfortable whilst at the same time judging women.

Here are the 10 ways men are being pandered and lied to by dating coaches

1. Women want high-value men
No. Women want a man who values himself, puts himself first, has a life, knows himself and where he is going in life.

2. Money will make it easier to get women
Just get your money up, and you'll get all these women. Yes, you'll get women, but you're getting the wrong type of women, you'll get the type of women who only want you for your money. Goldiggers. Hence, why so many guys on YouTube talk about golddiggers and divorce because they had no game in the first place.

3. Once you have a purpose you'll get women
Men seem to think as soon as they find a purpose in life they'll automatically get women. There's more…