Dating extremely attractive women, is it worth it?

Black Coffee explains the pros and cons and let’s you decide for yourself.

Black Coffee
3 min readNov 3, 2021

Dating really attractive women is the ultimate source of validation for some men, and it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, but men obsessed with only dating extremely really women shows low self-esteem.

Only a man with extremely low self-esteem would believe that having a young, hot, or beautiful woman would somehow give him worth, meaning, and value.

I can confidently state here that extremely attractive women are never worth half the trouble they put men through and if you only want her for her looks you're just as bad as goldiggers who only want men for their money.

For me, beautiful women are only good as trophy girlfriends; to flaunt to our male peers and make other women, especially those who rejected us feel jealous.

But just like all men, past a certain age, you know beauty should rank the lowest when selecting a suitable life-long partner.

As a man who has dated many very attractive women after careful consideration and deep thought. I recently decided that they're really not worth the trouble, but first let me give you the positives.