Been ghosted? Here’s what to do!!!

Black Coffee explains what men should do if a woman ghost them

Black Coffee


Photo by Nicola Barts

Ghosting is when someone you're talking to suddenly stops responding and is something that has become more and more common with the rise of dating.

There could be a lot of reasons for a woman ghosting you and unless it's because of you being rude or disrespectful, they're reasons you should never care about, because if a woman ghosts you, flakes on you or suddenly goes cold, she's not worth even wasting a moments thought on.

This may sound cold, but it's not as cold as her disappearing without warning. Ghosting is a cowards way out and deserves no respect at all.

If this has happened to you.

First things first.

Keep cool, calm and collected.

The worse thing you can do now is react from emotion


Because the moment you do, that is maybe a moment you’ll regret for a very long time afterwards.

What's being emotional?

Chasing after her
Never. I repeat never chase after her. Don't message her asking why she has stopped responding to you or what have you done. These things make you look desperate.

Stalking her Instagram

Or even worse. In real life. Never do this. I repeat, never do this, do I have to give you a reason why this is bad?

Posting pictures of yourself with women in your stories

Especially when you never used to post pictures of you with women before you met her, she knows what you’re doing and is thinking you’re being a lame.

*If a woman posts a picture of you in her stories, and you repost, that’s cool, though.

Getting angry and going black pill or talking about a passport
Not all women are the same. There are many amazing women out there, it's your job to find them. Going black pill is not going to help it's just going to lead you don't a rabbit hole you don't want to go down and things will be worse than before.