Are women to blame for the rise of incels?

Black Coffee answers the question and explains what men can do about it.

Black Coffee
3 min readAug 19


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Incels are a warning to society. They are a warning of what happens when men listen, follow and take what women say literally, instead of doing what they themselves know is right.

Many incels are angry men, and they're angry because they've been sold a dream by women and society that was false.

Who are these incels

Incels are the sensitive, in touch with their feelings guys who were raised by mothers to always be nice and polite to women, to buy them flowers, open doors for them, and to always be a gentleman.

Incels are the guys who grew up on romantic movies and TV dramas, where the nice guy or best friend always got the girl in the end.

Incels are the guys who will listen to a woman talk about her problems, help her move and take her on expensive dates

Incels are the steady eddy types, who always try to do everything right, many have good jobs, savings in the bank, and takes care of their family.

The incel is the guy who suppresses his masculine energy because women have told him that all men are bad.

Incels are the guys who believe in equality between men and women, only to find out women want equality when it suits them.

Why won’t women approach men? Why do men have to pay on the first date? These are questions from incels.

Incels are the guys who asked their women friends for advice and followed it to a tee.

And then guess what?

Turned around and saw the woman of his dreams and the woman who gave him advice to be charming and sweet, go for the bad guy who treated her like trash.

And now they're mad. Not just mad Big Mad and that's because they feel betrayed and I understand.

Most have either given up on women completely or are talking about passports.

And who can blame them.

If I told you since you were a child, just follow certain steps, and if you keep following them when you’re an adult you’ll be a…