Approaching women is one of the most masculine things a man can do

Black Coffee explains why

Black Coffee


Photo by Juan Vargas:

It’s so masculine that even with the talk from women of “anything a man can do, a woman can do too”

Women rarely if ever approach men.

Not even on dating apps

And why?

Because it takes balls to approach someone you like and face rejection.


It separates the men from boys.


Women don't like being approached in public, I hear you say.

I know that's what you've heard.

But is it true?

Is it heck.

I never believed that rubbish, and neither should you. If I see a woman I like, I approach her.


Because that's what I want to do, she then has the choice to talk to me or not talk to me. I'm fine either way.

This isn't the movies. A woman isn't going to slap you for walking up to her and saying “Hello” and if she does, pat yourself on the back because, you've just found out that the hotties you were eyeing is a psycho.