Am I good enough?

Black Coffee breaks down the seven biggest insecurities among men and explains what they can do about them.

Black Coffee
5 min readJan 18, 2022


Everyone is insecure about something to a certain degree, and with the rise of social media it seems to be getting worse.

According to social media, you have to be a high-value man and live your best life. You have to have the money, the abs, be an entrepreneur and have the hottest woman.

But what if you don't have all these things?

Here is a list of the top insecurities men have and what you can do about them

1.What if I get fired?
A big insecurity men have is job security, with many worrying if they’re going to lose their job which may leave them broke.

Solution-Become invaluable. How do you become invaluable, always do more than you're given. Always come on time or beforehand. Ask questions.

Finish all projects as soon as you're given them. Read an hour a day about your profession, so you're up to speed in your industry and start thinking about a side hustle, so you can eventually be your own boss whether it's in the same field or something else, and always remember you represent yourself.

2.Do I look good?
Baldness. A dad bod. Being small in height. These are all things that affect men on day-to-day basic, and everyday it’s getting worse.

Solution-Stop caring and comparing yourself to other guys. There will always be someone better looking, than you, and they've probably got their insecurities.

Accept what you can't change like being small in height or baldness (unless you get a hair transplant) and work on the things you can change like your body. If you have a dadbod. Hit the gym and make going to the gym a priority. You should be working out in the gym anyway as it not only benefits your body but also your mind. If you struggle to get motivated, get a personal trainer.

3.Do I have enough money?
If you don’t have money, you’ll never get a woman. Get your money up, playa. Be a high-value man. If you don’t, know one will like you. I’m a Millionaire, anyone can do it. Stop being a loser. You have to take…